Thursday, December 12, 2013

Angel/fairy bag (easy DIY)

It’s my little girls first year in school and I wanted to give her teachers something small to wish them happy holidays. Of course I wanted to make the gift myself and while making a skirt from some light pink organza I got a cute idea. Here’s how I made a cute angel gift-bag I’m going to fill with some Christmas chocolates. Trust me, this is an easy project and you can get your kid involved as well!

First, I roughly determined how big my bag should be and then I drew some wings on a piece of paper. When they were to my liking, I transferred the shape on the organza. Just put you fabric on top of your drawing and follow your own lines. I made my wings with two separate wings, but you can do it just how it suits you best. When the line is on your fabric, just fold the fabric so that you end up with a double wing. Trace the lines with your sewing machine. Then cut out your wings, leaving a small trim. On the left you see the lines on my fabric, on the right the lines have already been sewed.

Now just cut two rectangle shapes at the size you want your bag to be and fold over one edge, leaving a hole for a ribbon later on (this will be the top of your bag). Pin your wings to the half of the bag. I had to fold them a little so that I wouldn’t accidentally sew them on the bag at the wrong places.

Put the other rectangle on the wings and sew the bag. When you turn it inside out and add a ribbon, you end up with this.

Now, just cut a round angel face with a small neck and some shoulders in order to hold the head in the bag. I’m going to let my little girl draw the angel face so that it’s a joint effort. I’m also going to add a small card with stars (colored by my girl) on one side and a text on the other side saying:

Dear teacher, enjoy your holidays and next year I’ll be an angel in your class once again!

Fill the bag with whatever you like, I'm going to fill it with some Christmas chocolates.
*Happy holidays!*
ps. I think these will make a great give away bag for a fairy party as well..... :)

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