Sunday, December 8, 2013

personalized felt garland

I’m always looking for ways to decorate my little girls room but most of the times the decorations you can buy in shops are way over my budget. I also like the personalized stuff. Today I made my girl a felt garland with her name. Easy to make and a great result. Here’s how I made it;

First I printed her name, cut the letters and transferred them to felt (I turned them so you don’t end up with felt with marks).

I then cut all of the letters and sewed them together. For this garland I combined her name with stars. Hearts would have been nice too but I already made her a felt heart garland in somewhat of the same manner. So I also cut some stars (just cut as many as you like, the more you cut, the longer your garland obviously will be) and sewed them together as well.

I then sewed a ribbon on the back of the whole garland, just to make it a little stronger and prevent the letters from pulling apart.

Voila, your personalized garland is ready to hang! I think this would also make a nice gift for a newborn or any birthday. Especially since you can combine the name with any figure you want and any color you want.

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